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Thoughts On Goodbye

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

In the end, when you question if you did enough, if you did the right thing, if you should have done something differently, perhaps consider this: love cannot be measured or quantified. For those of us who have been blessed enough to feel love, no one has to show us on a graph or present scientific data to show its intensity; we just know. As humans, we have a need to look back on the relationship and take score. We need to have it in front of us to make sense of it all. To unravel the why's and how's. In the end, questions linger... "What could I have done differently?"

Instead of thinking of what you didn't do, what if you were to put each act of love you performed, every touch, every kind word ever spoken to this love together to form something you could hold? Would you be left with a pebble in your hand, or would you be standing in front of a mountain, on your knees in awe of the essence of that which makes your loved one uniquely them?

Energy never fades; it only transforms. Where there is death of matter, there is rebirth of a soul that is free to soar without constraints of the body, love that is housed inside the heart of the lover and shared for all eternity.

In that transformation, nothing is lost, and everything is gained.

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Wow amazing words of wisdom! Thank you! 🤗

Mar 28, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Christina😊

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