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Welcome to our Organic Skincare Store
A Mindful Approach to SkinCare



The idea for these products was simply the filling of a need by the CEO and Founder of Bacall Wellness, Kerri Bacall.  

Kerri was in search of organic skincare products that were good for the skin and hair, were organic, contained ingredients that she trusted, and did not cost so much that ordinary people could not afford them.  

Kerri believes every “body” deserves products that are free from toxins and harmful chemicals, so she researched, formulated, sampled, surveyed, and created beautiful products originally intended to be shared only with friends and family. 


We believe mindfulness isn't just something you do once in a while, it is a way of living, so

when you purchase any of our products, we consider you part of our mindful family/community and we welcome you!

What Makes Our Products Different?


  • Our products are organic, naturally sourced when possible, and provided in BPA-free containers.

  • They are free from chemicals, SLS, parabens, and preservatives.

  • Homemade in small batches by gloved hands with care and love.


  • These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or cure any disease. 


  • Always test on a small area of skin before use.​

Organic Lip Balms