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Your facial expression may not be what you think it is.

What are you putting out to the universe right now? What “vibe” are you sending out? Do you even know? Are you worried, rushing, angry, impatient, or relaxed and motivated? What does your face show to others? It may not be what you think it is.

Your facial expression may or may not be reflecting what you are feeling. Maybe you think others are not friendly toward you but in reality, your facial expression is one that says, “Don’t mess with me”.

Want to try a mindful exercise to send more positive energetic vibrations out to the world, and possibly receive good ones back?

If so, try this…

Close your eyes and take a breath.

Take a few seconds to check in with yourself and identify how you are feeling at this moment.

Does your face reflect that emotion?

Is that the energetic vibration you want to surround you?

If not, allow the muscles of your face to soften and relax. Take another slow deep breath.

Allow yourself to form a deliberate smile.

Notice how the muscles of your face lift.

Notice if there is a slight elevation of your mood.

See if you can hold a smile for a few seconds and increase the duration each time.

Relax your face and open your eyes.

Try to raise awareness of your facial expressions as you interact with others.

Notice any slight variances in how you feel and how others react to you. Have fun experimenting!

Share your experience with us! We would love to know what you discover.

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