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We offer secular, scientifically proven mindfulness and meditation programs that are either in-person, online, or hybrid for individuals, families, groups, schools, businesses, and corporations.

We can work with any reasonable budget and can customize your program.

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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the capacity to focus one's awareness on the present moment, on purpose, while acknowledging one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations as they arise and pass without reactions or judgment.

Mindfulness and the Brain


Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to assess changes in the brain after an eight week mindfulness course showed that the prefrontal cortex, the hippocampus, and other areas experienced heightened activity and connectivity, while the amygdala experienced decreased functional activity and earlier deactivation after exposure to emotionally charged stimuli. (Gotink, Meijboor, Vernooki, Smioth, & Hunink, 2016)

This means that the areas of the brain associated with higher-level functioning were more active, while the area of the brain that handles stress and strong emotions was less involved (decreased stress response).  These findings match the behavioral changes we see after a mindfulness program, like better emotional regulation, less reactivity, and even better performance on tasks.

Research on Mindfulness

Decreased Aggression and Conduct Problems

Children with ADHD displayed less aggression and conduct problems when exposed to mindfulness therapy, which helps them focus on their academics. (Singh, Soamya, & Ramnath, 2016)

Lower Problematic Drinking Rates

A study on drinking in college students found that the more mindful students are engaged in lower rates of problematic drinking especially those proficient in acting with awareness and non judging. (Vinci, Spears, Peltier, & Copeland, 2016)

Increased Resilience

Mindfulness training has been shown to boost resilience in children and help them understand and regulate their own emotions. (Coholic, 2011: Coholic, Eys, & Loughheed 2012)

Lower Stress

Office employees who participated in an eight-week mindfulness intervention experienced lower levels of work-related stress, greater job satisfaction and ultimately enhanced job performance as rated by their employers. (Shonin, Van Gordon, Dunn, Singh, & Griffiths, 2014)

Increased Productivity

Mindfulness in the workplace can actually increase the number of contract hours worked by employees, a result that will certainly catch the attention of the higher-ups. (De Bruin, Formsma, Frijstein, & Bogels 2017)

Lower Depression and Anxiety

Teenagers studying for a general education certificate who participated in a mindfulness program experienced lower depression and anxiety, which contributed to improved academic attainment. (Bennet & Dorjeem 2016)

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How We Can Help

We provide mindfulness programs to educate others, through present-moment awareness and meditation practices how to use scientifically proven techniques to decrease stress and anxiety, enhance health, increase self-awareness, resilience and increase empathy for self and others.

If you are interested in working with me for yourself, your family, or your community, let's talk.

Mindfulness/Wellness Services

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As your certified Mindfulness Instructor, I offer unyielding support when you need assistance with your mindfulness practice. Take a look at my services and see how we can work together to achieve your wellness goals.

Working From Home

Mindfulness Programs for School or Business

In Person or Online

Choose this service if you are interested in bringing wellness/mindfulness programs to your classroom, school, district or business.

Personal Mindfulness Programs (Live)

In-Person or Online

Choose this service if you are interested in a wellness/mindfulness program for your family or a small group.

On-Demand Mindfulness Programs for Educators


Choose this service if you are an educator who is interested in offering a complete 8-Lesson Mindfulness Program online that you can access when you want, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own space.

All the work is done for you!

Call or get in touch for current pricing.

Custom programs available. We can work with any reasonable budget.

Mindfulness Services

Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

"In my professional opinion, I highly recommend Kerri Bacall as a fellow mindful educator  who also believes that a mindful practice is a means to help students succeed in everyday life."

Dr. Barbara Carroll, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Cranford High School

As a health educator, I have taught about stress and ways to deal with stress for years. [Kerri Bacall] deals with holistic health to treat the mind, body and spirit.  She speaks to the class on ways to relieve the tension through mindfulness and guided imagery.  I believe all students would benefit from taking a course from Mrs. Bacall."

Kathleen Savage, High School Health and Physical Educator

 "I found the session to be especially enlightening as I better understand the gift that you are sharing with students in helping them to become mindful people.  We are blessed as a staff and school community to have you support us in instilling these practices into our lives! Thank you!"

Annamaria Bellino, High School Supervisor of World Languages, English Language Services and Consumer Sciences

I think the main thing I learned through this program was how to deal with and understand your emotions. Knowing it’s ok to feel them and what to do when needed."

"Being kind to yourself and taking care of your mind are very important things."

"How to control myself when my emotions become strong."

"About trusting myself and being self-aware of the things I do."

"I leaned how meditating can change the brain."

"I learned how to like myself more. This changed everything."

Students Words: What they learned in the 8 lesson mindfulness program.

"I learned that it is ok to feel the things I feel and I learned so many new ways to deal with my emotions."

"I learned how to decrease my stress as in taking my tests, quizzes, and felt more happier."

"I don't have to deal with everything in anger."

"I learned about how to let positive emotions soak in and how to make the best of those good experiences. This practice was one of my favorite parts of the class."

"I learned that I can control myself better and now I can take a break while in school to calm down."

"The main thing that I learned from the mindfulness program was it’s many different techniques that were introduced."

"Because of my anxiety and adhd, i get stressed out or nervous quickly and this helps me calm."

Students Words: What they learned in the 8 lesson mindfulness program 


Assistant Principal, Scott Wisniewski
Wayne Valley High School

2022-2023 School Year

 Mr. Wisniewski was asked to rate the Bacall Wellness 8-Lesson Mindfulness Program

(using a scale of 1=poor 5=excellent)

Here are the results: 

1) Overall satisfaction with the Bacall Wellness Mindfulness Program = 5 Excellent

2) Ease and flexibility of scheduling with Bacall Wellness = 5 Excellent

3) Value of the program for the cost = 5 Excellent

His comments: "The program provides a great opportunity to teach students about managing their mental well-being. Very fortunate that Kerri is able to come to Valley each year.  Our students appreciate the opportunity."

Students participated in an anonymous survey and were asked if they would recommend the Bacall Wellness 8-Lesson Mindfulness Program to incoming freshman 

90 % said YES 

(over 230 students participated this year)


Upcoming Events

  • June  Monthly Meditation Group
    June  Monthly Meditation Group
    Tue, Jun 18
    Jun 18, 2024, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Springfield, 719 Mountain Ave, Springfield, NJ 07081, USA
    The format of the evening is a short group discussion followed by a guided meditation. This event will be held in person.

About Us

Mindfully Thriving

Kerri Bacall has been working and teaching in the holistic health field for over 25 years. She is a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master Practitioner, an Ordained Minister, and a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Kerri is the Owner of Bacall Wellness, LLC and the co-owner of Springfield Holistic Wellness, LLC.

Kerri is unique as a wellness instructor because she brings to the table both scientifically based medical knowledge, as well as non-physical, spiritually based knowledge of many years of holistic practice.

Kerri practices what she preaches.  She lives a healthy lifestyle of moderate exercise, clean eating (most of the time), and a healthy mindset through mindfulness and meditation practices. 


Kerri tells us, "These practices have been my lifeline.  They have enabled me to avoid the feeling of "just existing" and to be an active participant in my life, to mindfully thrive.  I have increased my health both physically and mentally and improved the relationships in my life, especially my relationship with myself. I am honored to be able to share that knowledge with others."


Kerri believes that teaching mindfulness and meditation is a joyful obligation that she wholly embraces.

Outside of work, she loves to garden, hike and camp, create organic beauty products for Bacall Wellness, and spend time with her family and pets (1 cat, 2 dogs, and a horse).  


Contact us to learn more about Kerri Bacall or the services at Bacall Wellness.


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